VIII International Conference of the Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia (Durham)

4th-9th July 2009

Hosted by Van Mildert College, Durham University (UK)


Saturday 4 July

**Arrival and Registration**

17.15-18.45 - Panel 1: Russian Begriffsgeschichte of the Eighteenth Century
Chair: Isabel de Madariaga (London)

  • Elena Marassinova (Moscow): The Self-Identification of a Russian Nobleman: A Citizen and an Enlightened Person (second half of the Eighteenth Century)
  • William Butler (New York):Russian Legal Symbolism: The Зерцало

19.00 - Dinner

Sunday 5 July

08.15-09.15 - Breakfast

09.30-11.00 - Panel 2: Theatre
Chair: Anthony Cross (Cambridge)

  • Kirill Ospovat (Moscow): Трагедия Сумаркова 'Синав и Трувор': история и политика на придворном театре императрицы Елизаветы
  • Tatiana Smoliarova (New York): Theatre as Metaphor, 1780s-1800s

11.00-11.30 - Coffee

11.30-13.00 - Panel 3: The Court
Chair: Erin McBurney (Columbia)

  • Paul Keenan (LSE): Gambling and the Court
  • Simon Dixon (UCL): The Imperial Hunt: Some European Comparisons

13.00-14.00 - Lunch

14.00-16.30 - Free afternoon

16.30-17.00 - Tea

17.00-18.45 - Panel 4: Society and Economy
Chair: Alexander Martin (Notre Dame)

  • Roger Bartlett (Ludlow): J. M. R. Lenz and Women in Free-Masonic Circles in Moscow
  • Colum Leckey (Piedmont Virginia): Petr Rychkov - Sage of Orenburg

19.00 - Dinner

Monday 6 July

08.15-09.15 - Breakfast

09.30-11.00 - Panel 5: Commerce in Eighteenth-Century Russia
Chair: [tbc]

  • Erika Monahan (Alaska): Trade across the Empire: Russia, Siberia, Central Asia
  • George Munro (Virgina Commonwealth): Rostov: The Wholesale Emporium
  • Robert E. Jones (Massachusetts): Retail Trade in St Petersburg: гостиный двор or гостиный вор?
  • Michael Bitter (Hawaii): The State of Anglo-Russian Trade in the 1730s

11.00-11.30 - Coffee

11.30-13.00 - Panel 6: Obscene and Libertine Literature
Chair: Laura Rossi (Milan)

  • Marcus Levitt (Southern California): The Ecclesiastes Theme in Eighteenth-Century Poetry
  • Bianca Sulpasso: Olsuf'eviana
  • Manfred Schruba: Эротика в 'Пересмешнике' М. Д. Чулкова

13.00-14.00 - Lunch

14.00-15.45 - Panel 7: Russian Literature of the Eighteenth Century
Chair: Joachim Klein (Berkeley)

  • Rodolphe Baudin (Strasbourg): The Strasbourg Revolution in Nikolay Karamzin's 'Letters of a Russian Traveller'
  • Michela Venditti (Rome): 'Лебедь' Державина: образ поэта и горацианская традиция
  • Nadezhda Alekseeva (St Petersburg): Учение Аристотеля о подражании природе в русской литературной теории XVIII века

15.45-16.15 - Tea

16.15-17.45 - Panel 8: Cultural Patterns of Personal Behaviour
Chair: [Viktor Zhivov (Moscow)]

  • Andrei Zorin (Oxford): >Seduction à la Rousseau (Andrei Turgenev between Saint-Preux and Werther)
  • Igor Fediukin (Moscow): Génie, or Natural Inclination: Human Nature and Individual Autonomy in post-Petrine Russia
  • Angelina Vacheva: Machiavelli в юбке и короне: 'бытовая политика' в мемуарах Екатерины II

18.00 - Drinks Reception, Master's House (Lakeside Room, if wet)

19.00 - Dinner

Tuesday 7 July

Excursion (Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle)

19.00 - Dinner

Wednesday 8 July

08.15-09.15 - Breakfast

09.30-11.00 - Panel 9: Russian Literature, 1703-1825
Chair: [Marcus Levitt (Southern California)]

  • Maria Cristina Bragone: Стихотворения в 'Арифметике' Л. Магницкого
  • Charles Drage (London): The dactylic hexameter in Russian poetry from Radishchev to Pushkin
  • Mark Altshuller (Jerusalem): Карамзин и Шишков в споре о судьбе России
11.00-11.30 - Coffee

11.30-13.00 - Panel 10: Clerical Discourse
Chair: Simon Dixon (UCL)

  • Gary Marker (New York): Intimacy and Grace: On Reading the 'Diariusz' of Dimitrii Rostovskii
  • Viktor Zhivov (Moscow): Борьба с суевериями в России XVIII века
  • Antony Lentin: Prokopovich, Правда and Proof: Some myths about Правда воли Монаршей

13.00-14.00 - Lunch

14.00-15.30 - Panel 11: Military and Diplomatic
Chair: Roger Bartlett (Ludlow)

  • Hans von Koningsbrugge: Dutch-Russian Diplomatic Relations after the death of Peter I
  • Emmanuel Waegemans (Leuven): A Turkophile Dutch Russophobe in Russian Military Service in the 1780s
  • Sergey Iskyul' (St Petersburg): 1812 год война и мир - мифы и документальная реальность
15.30-16.00 - Tea

16.30-18.00 - Panel 12: Rossica
Chair: Gareth Jones

  • Maria di Salvo (Milan): Francesco Angiolini's Ode to Catherine (1781) and the Jesuits in Russia
  • Natal'ia Kochetova (St Petersburg): Franz Kratter's "Alexander Menzikov" (1794) and "Das Maedchen von Marienburg" (1795)
  • Anthony Cross (Cambridge): From the Assassination to Tilsit: the British in Russia and Their Travel Writings (1801-1807)

19.30 - Conference Banquet (Durham Castle)

Keynote Speaker: Isabel de Madariaga (London)

Thursday 9 July

08.15-09.15 - Breakfast

09.30-11.00 - Panel 13: Prisons and Prisoners
Chair: John Keep (Bern)

  • Janet Hartley (LSE): The Army: Prisoners and Prison
  • Sergei Kozlov (St Petersburg): Russian Prisoners of the Great Northern War (in Swedish archives)
  • Patrick O'Meara (Durham): Timotheus von Bock: Prisoner of Alexander I
  • Christoph Witzenrath (Aberdeen): Captivity, Slaving and Ransom in the Steppe Frontier

11.00-11.30 - Coffee

11.30-13.00 - Panel 14: Science and Empire in Eighteenth-Century Russia
Chair: Denis Shaw (Birmingham)

  • Alexandra Bekasova (St Petersburg, RAS): Russian Round-the-World Expedition on brig 'Rurik', 1815-1818: State Interest, Private Patronage, and Geographical Survey
  • Steven Usitalo (Northern State): The Image and Authority of the Chemist in Eighteenth-Century Russia

13.00-14.00 - Lunch

**End of Conference and Departure**