SGECR Occasional Series

No.1 – Robert Dimsdale, Mixed Blessing: The Impact of Suttonian Smallpox Inoculation in the later Eighteenth Century (2017)

No.2 – Lucjan Lewitter, Eclipsis Poloniae (2017)

No.3 – Anthony Cross, A Chronological Listing of Publications, 1964-2019 (2020)

Proceedings of International Conferences

I - Great Britain and Russia in the Eighteenth Century: Contacts and Comparisons, ed. by A. G. Cross (1979)

II - Russia and the West in the Eighteenth Century, ed. by A. G. Cross (1983)

III - Russia and the World of the Eighteenth Century, ed. by R. Bartlett, A. G. Cross & K. Rasmussen (1988)

IV - Literature, Lives, and Legality in Catherine's Russia, ed. by A. G. Cross & G. S. Smith (1994)

V - A Window on Russia, ed. by L. Hughes & M. di Salvo (1996)

VI - Reflections on Russia in the Eighteenth Century, ed. by J. Klein, S. Dixon & M. Fraanje (2001)

VII - Eighteenth-Century Russia: Society, Culture, Economy, ed. by R. Bartlett & G. Lehmann-Carli (2007)

VIII - History and Literature in Eighteenth-Century Russia, ed. by S. Bogatyrev, S. Dixon & J. Hartley (2013)

IX - 'A Century Mad and Wise»': Russia in the Age of the Enlightenment, ed. M. Levitt, H. van Koningbrugge & E. Waegemans (2015)

Proceedings of International Workshops

Russia in the Reign of Peter the Great: Old and New Perspectives, ed. by A. G. Cross (1998), 2 vols.

Days from the Reigns of Eighteenth-Century Russian Rulers, ed. by A. G. Cross (2007), 2 vols.

Memorial Volumes for Study Group Members

Personality and Place in Russian Culture: Essays in Memory of Lindsey Hughes, ed. by S. Dixon (2010).

Festschrifts in Honour of Study Group Members

Russia in the Age of Enlightenment: Essays in Honour of Isabel de Madariaga, ed. by R. Bartlett & J. M. Hartley (1990)

Russia and the Wider World in Historical Perspective: Essays for Paul Dukes, ed. by Cathryn Brennan & Murray Frame (2000)

Russian Society and Culture and the Long Eighteenth Century: Essays in Honour of Anthony Cross, ed. by R. Bartlett & L. Hughes (2004)

Аониды: сборник статей в честь Натальи Дмитриевны Кочетковой, ред. Н. Ю. Алексеева и А. А. Костин (Москва-СПб, 2013)

Word and Image in Russian History: Essays in Honour of Gary Marker, ed. by M. di Salvo, D. Kaiser & V. A. Kivelson (2015)

Magic, Travels and Texts: Homage to a Scholar, Will Ryan, ed. by Janet Hartley & Denis J. B. Shaw (SGECR: London, 2021)

Other Works of Relevance

Anglo-Russica: Selected Essays by Anthony Cross (1993)

Peter the Great and the West: New Perspectives, ed. by L. Hughes (2001)