Anglo-Russica: Aspects of Cultural Relations between Great Britain and Russia in the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries. Selected Essays by Anthony Cross (Oxford: Berg, 1993).

Preface [ix]

I. British Awareness of Russian Culture (1698-1801) [pp. 1-28]

II. The Eighteenth-Century Russian Theatre through British Eyes [pp. 29-50]

III. Sir John Sinclair's General Observations on Russian [pp. 51-61]

IV. The Philanthropist, the Travelling Tutor and the Empress: British Visitors and Catherine II's Plans for Penal and Medical Reform [pp. 62-73]

V. 'S aglinskago': Books of English Origin in Russian Translation in Late Eighteenth-Century Russia [pp. 74-92]

VI. Russian Perceptions of England, and Russian National Awareness at the End of the Eighteenth and the Beginning of the Nineteenth Centuries [pp. 93-112]

VII. Views from the Distaff Side: Catherine the Great's First Women Biographers [pp. 113-130]

VIII. Early English Specimens of the Russian Poets [pp. 131-147]

IX. Early British Acquaintance with Popular Song and Music (The Letters and Journals of the Wilmot Sisters) [pp. 148-162]

X. 'O thou, great monarch of a pow'rful reign!': English Bards and Russian Tsars [pp. 163-179]

XI. The British and Krylov [pp. 180-208]

XII. George Borrow and Russia [pp. 209-221]

XIII. Early Miss Emmies: British Nannies, Governesses and Companions in Pre-Emancipation Russia [pp. 222-244]

XIV. The Testament of a Forgotten 'Wife' [pp. 245-255]

Chronological Listing of Books and Articles by A. G. Cross on Anglo-Russian Subjects, 1964-1992 [pp. 256-262]