Russian Society and Culture and the Long Eighteenth Century: Essays in Honour of Anthony G. Cross, edited by Roger Bartlett and Lindsey Hughes (Lit Verlag: Münster, 2004).

Isabel de Madariaga, Anthony Cross: An Appreciation [pp. 1-7]

Paul Dukes, Patrick Gordon's Diary: the Spalding Version [pp. 8-20]

Lindsey Hughes, "A Beard is an Unnecessary Burden": Peter I's Laws on Shaving and their Roots in Early Russia [pp. 21-34]

Gary Marker, Peter the Great's Female Knights of Liberation: The Order of St Catherine of Alexandria [pp. 35-47]

Janet Hartley, A Clash of Cultures? An Anglo-Russian Encounter in the Early Eighteenth Century [pp. 48-61]

Aleksandr Kamenskii, Russian and Western Eighteenth-Century Towns: Possible Aspects of Comparison [pp. 62-71]

Maria di Salvo, What did Francesco Algarotti See in Russia? [pp. 72-81]

Anthony Lentin, 'This learned nobleman' (Archdeacon William Coxe on Shcherbatov, 1784): Mikhail Shcherbatov's British Connections [pp. 82-97]

Roger Bartlett, Utopians and Projectors in Eighteenth-Century Russia [pp. 98-115]

John T. Alexander, Catherine the Great and the Theatre [pp. 116-130]

Joachim Klein, A Revolt Against Polite Manners: V. Maikov's Burlesque Poem "Elisei, ill razdrazhennyi Vakkh" [pp. 131-142]

Natal'ia Dmitrievna Kochetkova and lurii Davidovich Levin, Karamzin's "Liza and Erast" in the Light of Russian-English Contacts [pp. 143-148]

C. L. Drage, Russian Model Conversations in Grammar and Travellers' Handbooks, c. 1650-1773 [pp. 149-166]

Gitta Hammarberg, Dogs and Doggerel: Gogol's Eighteenth-Century Roots [pp. 167-184]

W. Gareth Jones, 'Tis Sixty Years Since: Sir Walter Scott's Eighteenth Century and Tolstoi's Engagement with History [pp. 185-194]

Simon Dixon, Catherine the Great and the Romanov Dynasty: The Case of the Grand Duchess Mariia Pavlovna (1854-1920) [pp. 195-208]

Evgenii Anisimov, The Fate of St Petersburg in the History of Russia. Reflections on the Tercentenary [pp. 209-218]

Publications of Anthony Cross, 1964-2003 (pp. 219-233)

List of Abbreviations (pp. 234-235)

List of Contributors (pp. 236-238)

Index of Personal Names (pp. 239-246)