Russia and the Wider World in Historical Perspective. Essays for Paul Dukes, ed. by Cathryn Brennan & Murray Frame (Macmillan: Basingstoke and London, 2000)


Paul Dukes

Notes on the Contributors

L. Hughes, Attitudes Towards Foreigners in Early Modern Russia

G. P. Herd, The Mercenary as Diplomat: The Fall of the House of Stuart and the Rise of the Petrine Order

R. Bartlett, Foreigners, Faith and Freemasonry in the Eastern Baltic: The British Factory and Pastor Georg Ludwig Collins in Riga at the End of the Eighteenth Century

D. Fedosov, Scotland and Russia: A Boundless Bond

D. Saunders, Russia, the Balkans, and Ukraine in the 1870s

�. B. McKean, The Russian Constitutional Monarchy in Comparative Perspective

J. Erickson, Red Internationalists on the March: The Military Dimension, 1918-1922

B. Starkov, Paths to World Socialist Revolution: West and East

S. Davies, Soviet Perceptions of the Allies during the Great Patriotic War

J. Houbert, Russia and Decolonization in Eurasia

J. D. White, Concluding Remarks

Paul Dukes - A Select Bibliography