Russia in the Age of Enlightenment: Essays in Honour of Isabel de Madariaga, edited by Roger Bartlett and Janet M. Hartley (Basinstoke: MacMillan Press, 1990).

Preface [vii]

Notes on the Contributors [ix]

Marc Raeff, Introduction [pp. 1-6]

H. M. Scott, Russia as a European Great Power [pp. 7-39]

Il'ia Serman, Russian National Consciousness and its Development in the Eighteenth Century [pp. 40-56]

W. Gareth Jones, The Image of the Eighteenth-Century Russian Author [pp. 57-74]

W. F. Ryan, Navigation and the Modernisation of Petrine Russia: Teachers, Textbooks, Terminology [pp. 75-105]

J. T. Alexander, Favourites, Favouritism and Female Rule in Russia, 1725-1796 [pp. 106-124]

W. E. Butler, F. G. Strube de Piermont and the Origins of Russian Legal History [pp. 125-141]

Roger Bartlett, The Question of Serfdom: Catherine II, the Russian Debate and the View from the Baltic Periphery (J. G. Eisen and G. H. Merkel) [pp. 142-166]

Janet M. Hartley, Philanthropy in the Reign of Catherine the Great: Aims and Realities [pp. 167-202]

Anthony Cross, Catherine the Great: Views from the Distaff Side [pp. 203-221]

Pia Pera, The Secret Committee on the Old Believers: Moving away from Catherine II's Policy of Religious Tolerations [pp. 222-241]

Bibliography of the Publications of Isabel de Madariaga [pp. 242-247]

Index of Names [pp. 248-253]