Magic, Travels and Texts: Homage to a Scholar, Will Ryan, ed. by Janet Hartley and Denis J. B. Shaw (SGECR: London, 2021)

Janet Hartley and Denis Shaw, Introduction (i)

Charles Burnett, Will Ryan and the Warburg Institute (vi)

Jim Bennett, Will Ryan and the Hakluyt Society (ix)


A. V. Chernetsov, A Contribution to the Study of Russian Amulets (1)

Valerie A. Kivelson, Animal Magic: Uses and Abuses in Muscovite Rituals and Spells (28)

Eve Levin, Blood-Letting as a Therapy in Muscovy (44)

Gary Marker, The Talitskii File and Its Afterlife: A Revisit (62)

Yuri Stoyanov, The Adoption of the Swedish Rite in Eighteenth-Century Russia - Acculturation, Power Politics and Mysticism (79)

Andrei Toporkov, The Image of Toska (Melancholy) in Russian Love Spells (100)

Florentina Badalanova Geller, Mythographies of the Demonic (Notes on Slavonic and Balkan Ethnohermeneutics) (120)


Ralph Cleminson, The Place Where Nobody Went: Where (and What) was Serica? (135)

Sergei Bogatyrev, The Legend of the Golden Belt: Revisiting the Sources (159)

Moshe Taube, On the Rendering of some Philosophical Terms in the Fifteenth-Century Slavic Translations from Hebrew (178)

Boris Uspesnkij, Diplomacy and Language (a Russian Embassy to Italy in 1659) (192)

Adelina Angusheva-Tihanov, Toll House 'Magicians' in the Vita of Basil the Younger from St Dmitrii of Rostov's Menaion and Late Balkan Sources (206)

William E. Butler, Peter the Great as a Comparative Lawyer (214)


Denis J. B. Shaw, The Transition to 'Enlightenment Exploration': Russian Expeditions to Siberia and the Far East in the Late Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Centuries (227)

Elena B. Smilianskaia and Julia Leikin, From Northern Europe to the Aegean Archipelago: Lord Effingham's Military Tour with the Russian Navy in 1770 (245)

Anthony Cross, 'A Delicious Country': The British in Crimea from the Treaty of Kuchuk-Kainarji to the Treaty of Paris, 1774-1856 (259)

Roger Bartlett, Samuel Bentham, Inventor (276)

James R. Gibson, The 'Amur Question': The Problem of Russian Access to the Pacific from Siberia in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries (295)

Alexey Vladimirovich Postnikov, The Search for Mythical Lands and Straits in the Arctic and Northern Pacific Oceans: Exploration and Mapping of these Regions, 1800-1845 (312)

Simon Dixon, Pilgrimage and Politics: Two 'Sailor Princes' in Jerusalem, 1859 (329)

Paul Dukes, Scottish Missionaries in Manchuria and the Arrival of the Russian Railway, 1894-1900 (347)

Publications of Will Ryan (265)

Index (371)