44th Annual Meeting of the Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia

High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon, 6-8 January 2003

Monday 6 January

1700-1830 Ursula Stöhler (UK): 'I will Create Whatever I want to': Naturalness as a Source of Mastery in the Works of Sentimentalist Women Poets

2015-2130 Inna Semenova (Russia): Духовная культура первой трети XVIII века, не примере монастырских и архиерейских подвории Санкт-Петербурга

Tuesday 7 January

0930-1030 Alessandra Tosi (UK): Eighteenth-Century Traditions and Issues of Gender in Volkonskaia's 'Laura' (1819)

1130-1300 Simon Dixon and Lindsey Hughes (UK): Religious Ritual at the Russian Court in the Eighteenth Century

1700-1830 Rosalind P. Blakesley (UK): Grand Duchess Maria Fedorovna and the Birth of the Professional Woman Artist in Russia

2015-2100 Business Meeting

Wednesday 8 January

0930-1100 Michela Venditti (Italy): Поэт и невыразимое: духовные оды Г. Р. Державина

1130-1300 Manfred Schruba (Germany): 'Девичья игрушка' и французские сборники фривольной поэзии XVIII века

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