52nd Annual Meeting of the Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia

High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon, 5-7 January 2011

Wednesday 5 January

1630-1800 Joachim Klein (Leiden, Netherlands): Derzhavin: Truth and Sincerity in Panegyric Poetry

1800-1930 Igor' Fedyukin (New School of Economics, Moscow): Wealth, Rank, Culture, and Intergenerational Transmission of Status among the Russian Elite: The Noble Cadet Corps, 1732-1762

2030-2130 Business Meeting

Thursday 6 January

0930-1100 Denis Shaw (University of Birmingham): Utility in Natural History: Some Eighteenth-Century Russian Perceptions of the Living Environment

1130-1300 Susan Peter Smith (College of Staten Island, CUNY, New York): Municipal and Regional Identities in Mid-Eighteenth Century Arkhangelsk: V.V. Krestinin and the Society For Historical Investigations

1530-1700 Jan Hennings (St John's College, Oxford): The Culture of High Politics: Towards a History of Russian Early Modern Diplomacy

1700-1800 Emilie Murphy (University of Nottingham): Francophone life-writing by Russian women, 1800-1825

Friday 7 January

0930-1100 Angelina Vacheva (Sofia, Bulgaria): София - Екатерина: имя и мифология в мемуарах Екатерины ІІ

1130-1300 Reto Speck (QMUL): Denis Diderot on Catherine II's Reform Programme: From the hope of a new beginning to terminal despair

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