Great Britain and Russia in the Eighteenth Century: Contacts and Comparisons. Proceedings of an international conference held at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, England, 11-15 July 1977, edited by Anthony G. Cross (Newtonville, MA: Oriental Research Partners, 1979).

Introduction (iv)

List of Participants [vi]

List of Illustrations [ix]


Franco Venturi, From Scotland to Russian: An Eighteenth-Century Debate on Feudalism [pp. 2-24]

Anthony G. Cross, "By the Banks of the Thames": Russians in Eighteenth-Century Britain [pp. 25-46]


I. Comparisons and Contrasts in Russian and English Literatures in the Eighteenth Century

Iu. D. Levin, Russian Responses to the Poetry of Ossian [pp. 48-64]

D. E. Budgen, The Concept of Fiction in the Eighteenth-Century Russian Letters [pp. 65-74]

W. G. Jones, The Russian View of Eighteenth-Century English Moral Satire: Palliative or Purgative? [pp. 75-83]

G. P. Makogonenko, Aleksandr Radishchev and Laurence Sterne [pp. 84-93]

G. S. Smith, Chairman's Afterword (pp. 94-95)

II. The Organisation of Cultural Life: The British and Russian Experience

Max J. Okenfuss, The Novikov Problem: An English Perspective [pp. 97-108]

Stephen L. Baehr, "Fortuna Redux": The Iconography of Happiness in Eighteenth-Century Russian Courtly Spectacle [pp. 109-122]

C. A. Johnson, Wedgwood and Bentley's "Frog Service" for Catherine the Great [pp. 123-133]

W. G. Jones, Chairman's Afterword [pp. 134-135]

III. Anglo-Russian Technological and Commercial Relations

A. S. Fedorov, Russia and Britain in the Eighteenth Century:A Survey of Economic and Scientific Links [pp. 137-144]

P. H. Clendinning, The Background and Negotiations for the Anglo-Russian Commercial Treaty of 1766 [pp. 145-163]

D. S. MacMillan, Problems in the Scottish Trade with Russia in the Eighteenth Century: A Study in Mercantile Frustration [pp. 164-180]

A. Kahan, Eighteenth-Century Russian-British Trade: Russia's Contribution to the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain [pp. 181-189]

Roger P. Bartlett, Chairman's Afterword [pp. 190-191]

IV. The Institutionalisation of Science in Eighteenth-Century Britain and Russia

G. L'E. Turner, Forms of Patronage and Institutionalisation of Science in the Eighteenth Century [pp. 193-203]

Iu. Kh. Kopelevich, The Creation of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences as a New Type of State Institution [pp. 204-211]

R. W. Home, Scientific Links between Britain and Russia in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century [pp. 212-224]

W. F. Ryan, Chairman's Afterword [pp. 225-227]

V. Society and Social Movements in Britain and Russia

Brenda Meehan-Waters, Elite Politics and Autocratic Power [pp. 229-246]

P. Spiro, The British Perception of Russian Domestic Condition during the Pugachev Rebellion [pp. 247-262]

P. Longworth, Popular Protest in England and Russia: Some Comparisons and Suggestions [pp. 263-278]

P. Dukes, Towards a Comparison of the Jacobite and Pugachev Movements [pp. 279-292]

P. Dukes, Chairman's Afterword (pp. 293-294)

VI. 'The Natural Allies: Anglo-Russian Diplomatic Relations in the Eighteenth Century

W. E. Butler, Anglo-Russian Diplomacy and the Law of Nations [pp. 296-305]

D. M. Griffiths, Catherine II, George III and the British Opposition [pp. 306-320]

Isabel de Madariaga, Chairman's Afterword [pp. 321-323]