Literature, Lives, and Legality in Catherine's Russia. A selection of papers from the IV International Conference of the Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia, held at Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, UK, July 1989, edited by Anthony G. Cross and G. S. Smith (Nottingham: Astra Press, 1994).

Editor's Introduction [vii]

J. T. Alexander, Ivan Shuvalov and Russian Court Politics, 1749-63 [pp. 1-14]

Dov B. Yaroshevski, Attitudes towards the Nomads of the Russian Empire under Catherine the Great [pp. 15-24]

B. N. Mironov, The Price Revolution in 18th-Century Russia and its Economic, Social and Political Conseqences [pp. 25-32]

Robert E. Jones, The St Petersburg Academy of Sciences and the Development of the Black Sea Region (1773-95) [pp. 33-44]

Emmanuel Waegemans, A Russian "1984" in 1784: Shcherbatov's Vision of the Future [pp. 45-60]

Gerald I. Leonard, M. M. Shcherbatov: An Assessment [pp. 61-66]

Antony Lentin, Shcherbatov: Some Further Thoughts on his Life and Work [pp. 67-78]

Priscilla R. Roosevelt, The Picturesque in the design of the Late 18th-Century Russian Estate [pp. 79-92]

Michael Green, Mikhail Kheraskov and the Comic Opera [pp. 93-102]

Gitta Hammarberg, The Feminine Chronotope and Sentamentalist Canon Formation [pp. 103-20]

W. Gareth Jones, Novikov and the French Revolution [pp. 121-26]

I. Z. Serman, Krylov and the French Revolution [pp. 127-34]

N. D. Kochetkova, The Image of Mirabeau in Russian Literature of the 18th and Early 19th Centuries [pp. 135-42]

Iu. D. Levin, The English Novel in 18th-Century Russia [pp. 143-67]

Notes on the Contributors [pp. 168-70]