Personality and Place in Russian Culture: Essays in Memory of Lindsey Hughes, edited by Simon DIxon (MHRA: London, 2010).


Simon Dixon, Personality and Place [pp. 1-13]


James Cracraft, Lindsey Hughes on Peter the Great: A Personal Memoir [pp. 14-21]

Robin Milner-Gulland, Lindsey Hughes's Landmarks of Russian Culture [pp. 22-24]

Lindsey Hughes, The Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul [pp. 25-47]


Sergei Bogatyrev, Bronze Tsars: Ivan the Terrible and Fedor Ivanovich in the Decor of Early Modern Guns [pp. 48-72]

Simon Franklin, Printing Moscow: Significances of the Frontispiece to the 1663 Bible [pp. 73-95]

Maria di Salvo, The 'Italian' Nemetskaia Sloboda [pp. 96-109]

Gary Marker, Casting Mazepa's Legacy: Pylyp Orlyk and Feofan Prokopovich [pp. 110-33]

Paul Keenan, The Summer Gardens in the Social Life of St Petersburg, 1725-61 [pp. 134-55]

Roger Bartlett, 'Ropsha, where Peter III was murdered...' Faces and FaŤades of an Imperial Estate [pp. 156-79]

Elise K. Wirtshafter, Religion and Enlightenment in Eighteenth-Century Russia: Father Platon at the Court of Catherine II [pp. 180-203]

David Moon, The Russian Academy of Sciences Expeditions to the Steppes in the Late Eighteenth Century [pp. 204-36]

Wendy Rosslyn, Self and Place in Life-Writings by Late Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century Russian Noblewomen [pp. 237-60]

Patrick O'Meara, General P. D. Kiselev and the Second Army HQ at Tul'chin, 1819-29 [pp. 261-90]

Robin Aizlewood, 'Besy', Disorientation and the Person [pp. 291-308]

Peter Waldron, Przheval'skii, Asia and Empire [pp. 309-27]

Anthony Cross, A Corner of a Foreign Field: The British Embassy in St Petersburg, 1863-1918 [pp. 328-58]

Robert Service, Russian Marxism and its London Colony before the October 1917 Revolution [pp. 359-76]

Simon DIxon, The 'Mad Monk' Iliodor in Tsaritsyn [pp. 377-415]


Lindsey Hughes: A Bibliography [pp. 416-23]

ABSTRACTS [pp. 424-27]

INDEX [pp. 428-35]