Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia Newsletter Volume 4 (1976)

Synopses of Papers Read at December 1975 Meeting

I. W. G. Jones, Nikolai Novikov and Public Education (pp. 5-7)
II. D. Redston, Kantemir's Translation of Horace [pp. 7-10]
III. A. Rodger, The Annexation of Kazakhstan to Russia in the 1730s. Some Problems [pp. 10-14]
IV. J. Appleby, Minerals and Gemstones collected by British Doctors in Eighteenth-Century Russia in the Context of British Knowledge of Russian Minerals [pp. 14-16]
V. R. Lucas, Innovation in Russian Architecture in Early Modern History: A Stylistic Survey [pp. 17-24]

Synopses of Papers Read at July 1976 Meeting

I. R. P. Bartlett, "Prokodimets" Powell: Scottish Cannon-Founders and the Russian Navy, 1768-1785 [pp. 25-27]
II. C. L. Drage, Eighteenth-Century Russian Didactic Stories [pp. 27-29]
III. J. E. O. Screen, Exhibition of Pre-1800 Russian and Church-Slavonic Books in the Library of the School of Slavonic and East European Studies [pp. 29-31]


A. G. Cross, "Nachricht von einigen russischen Schriftstellern" (1768): A New Document and a Bibliography [pp. 32-43]
R. P. Bartlett, The Recruitment of Foreign Canal Engineers for Russia under Catherine II [pp. 43-48]
A. G. Cross, Mr Fisher's Company of English Actors in Eighteenth-Century Petersburg [pp. 49-56]
Footnote to a Note (A. G. Cross) [p. 57]
Answer to a Query (P. Longworth) [p. 58]


В. П. Степанов (comp.), Словарь русских писателей XVIII века. Принципы составления. Образцы статей. Словник (A. G. Cross) [pp. 59-66]
Ю. М. Лотман & Б. А. Успенский, 'Споры о языке в начале XIX в. как факт русской литературы' (A. E. Pennington) [pp. 66-69]
О. Н. Вилков (ред.), Города Сибири (W. G. Jones) [pp. 70-73]
М. П. Алексеев, et al. (ред.), Русская литература XVIII века и ее международные связи (G. S. Smith) [pp. 73-77]
И. З. Серман (ред.), Иван Андреевич Крылов. Проблемы творчества (G. S. Smith) [pp. 77-80]