Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia Newsletter Volume 5 (1977)

Synopses of Papers Read at December 1976 Meeting

I. A. G. Cross, Russian Students at Edinburgh University, 1774-87 [pp. 5-7]
II. V. A. Kardis, The Formation of the Greek Communities in Southern Russia, 1774-1821 [pp. 7-9]
III. P. J. O'Meara, Decembrist Attitudes toward Uniting the Northern and Southern Societies: Problem of Policy and Personality [pp. 9-12]
IV. G. S. Smith, The German Poets of the Academy and their Russian Translators, 1727-41 [pp. 12-14]


A. G. Cross, Some Anglo-Russian Poetic Curiosities of the Eighteenth Century [pp. 15-26]
A. G. Cross, Fonvizin's "Nedorosl'": An Overlooked English Critique [pp. 27-33]
I. Z. Serman, Fonzivin and Fénélon [pp. 33-36]
I. Z. Serman, Novikov and "The Tatler" [pp. 37-38]
G. S. Smith, The Reform of Russian Versification: What more is there to say? [pp. 39-44]


R. Milner-Gulland, Reflections on R. Lucas' "Innovation in Russian Architecture in Early Modern History: A Stylistic Survey" [pp. 45-48]
R. Lucas, A Reply [pp. 48-54]


G. S. Smith, A Bibliography of English-Language Scholarship on Eighteenth-Century Russian Literature, Thought and Culture since 1974 [pp. 55-65]


A. G. Cross, A Letter of 1747 from the Norfolk Record Office [pp. 66-69]


П. А. Зайончковской (ред.), История дореволюционной России в дневниках и воспоминаниях (J. S. G. Simmons) [pp. 70-75]
В. А. Западов (ред.), Проблемы изучения русской литературы XVIII века (G. S. Smith) [pp. 76-78]
Г. П. Макогоненко (ред.), Н. И. Новиков и общественно-литературное движение его времени (W. Gareth Jones) [pp. 78-82]
Г. П. Макогоненко (ред.), A. Н. Радищев и литература его времени (G. S. Smith) [pp. 82-85] С. П. Луппов, Книга в России в послепетровское время, 1725-1740 (R. Lucas) [pp. 86-94]

Conference Report

The July 1977 Conference in Norwich: A Brief Report