Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia Newsletter Volume 6 (1978)


Robert Auty and Malcolm Burgess

Synopses of Papers Read at December 1977 Meeting

I. A. Lentin, Beccaria, Shcherbatov and the Death Penalty in Russia (pp. 7-9)
II. L. A. J. Hughes, Westernisation in Russian Architecture, 1680-1725 [pp. 9-11]

Synopses of Papers Read at July 1978 Meeting

I. D. B. Saunders, The Ukraine's Influence on Russia in the Late 18th and Early 19th Centuries [pp. 12-14]
II. W. H. Zawadzki, Adam Czartoryski, Russia and Poland, 1795-1825 [pp. 14-17]
III. A. G. Cross, Notes to an Exhibition of 18th-Century Books of Anglo-Russian Interest from the Morfill Collection [pp. 17-25]


A. G. Cross, Whose Initials? Unidentified Persons in Karamzin's Letters from England [pp. 26-36]
M. Green, "Boris Godunov": A Classical Tragedy in Disguise? [pp. 36-40]
D. J. Taylor, The Chevalier d'Éon de Beaumont in Petersburg, 1756-60 [pp. 40-54]
C. N. Smith, French's "Ode to Suwarrow" [pp. 54-57]
G. S. Smith, Catherine the Great or Katerina the Ingrate? [pp. 57-59]


Ю. С. Сорокин (ред.), Словарь русского языка XVIII века. Проэкт (A. E. Pennington) [pp. 60-63]
Т. Алексеева (ред.), Русское искусство барокко (L. Hughes) [pp. 63-67]
Г. Н. Комелова (ред.), Культура и искусство петровского времени (A. G. Cross) [pp. 67-71]
Л. Я. Лозинская, Во главе двух академии (A. G. Cross) [pp. 71-76]
В. О .Миллер & Е. А. Мелькисис, Pолитико-правовые взгляды Гарлиба Меркеля (R. P. Bartlett) [pp. 76-81]
A. С. Демин, Русская литература второй половины XVII - начала XVIII века (И. З. Серман) [pp. 81-90]
Reinhard Lauer, Gedichtform zxischen Schema und Verfall (G. S. Smith) [pp. 90-94]
Д. И. Фонвизин, Недоросль: A Soviet Musical Version (C. A. Johnson) [pp. 94-96]