Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia Newsletter Volume 7 (1979)


Michael Josselson [p. 5]

Synopses of Papers Read at December 1978 Meeting

I. J. A. Harvie, Kheraskov Revisited [pp. 6-8]
II. A. G. Cross and P. Dukes, The Drummond Hoax [pp. 9-11]
III. W. F. Ryan, Peter the Great's English Yacht [pp. 12-13]


R. Lucas, Gothick and Oriental: Exotic Themes in Russian Architecture, 1750-1850 [pp. 14-22]


I. Z. Serman, Trediakovskii and his "Deidamiia": An Unpublished Document [pp. 23-28]
I. F. Martynov, Notes on V. P. Petrov and his Stay in England (New Materials) [pp. 29-31]
W. G. Jones, "C'est une fanatique": Catherine II's Judgement on Novikov [pp. 32-33]
M. Green, Masonry, Kheraskov and Mozart: A Footnote [pp. 34-37]
A. G. Cross, An English Version (1791) of a Poem by Vasilii Ruban [pp. 38-40]
A. G. Cross, The Subscription Library of the British Factory in St Petersburg [pp. 41-46]


A. G. Cross and G. S. Smith, A Bibliography of English-Language Scholarship on Eighteenth-Century Russian Literature, Thought and Culture since 1977 [pp. 47-58]


Г. Н. Моисеева, Спасо-Ярославский хронограф и "Слово о полку Игореве" (G. S. Smith) [pp. 59-60]