Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia Newsletter Volume 10 (1982)


Mikhail Pavlovich Alekseev [pp. 4-5]

Synopses of Papers Read at January 1982 Meeting

I. L. Hughes, Prince V. V. Golitsyn: Biography of a Seventeenth-Century Statesman [pp. 6-8]
II. W. Pintner, The Eighteenth-Century Military: What Kind of Costs? [pp. 9-10]
III. B. H. Monter, The Public and Private Lives of Princess Dashkova [pp. 10-12]
IV. F. Zartz, The "Pole-Carew Memorandum" in the Context of British Policy towards Russia in the 1780s [pp. 12-17]
V. J. Massey Stewart, "So Many Curious New Plants and Animals": Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Naturalists in Siberia [pp. 17-19]


M. Green, Kotzebue and Kheraskov: Senatmentalism in its Pre-Romantic Stage [pp. 20-29]
М. Альтшуллер & И. Мартынов, Материалы для биографии Ермилы Ивановича Кострова [pp. 30-36]
K. Rosenberg, The Norman Theory and the Language Question in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Russia [pp. 37-49] D. Griffiths, Castera-Tooke: The First Western Biographer(s) of Catherine II [pp. 50-62]


P. Dukes, An Early Essay on Russian Peasants [pp. 63-70]
P. Dukes, Peter the Great and Freemasonry [pp. 71-72]


Index to the Newsletter Nos. 1-10 (1973-1982), comp. by J. Sherrif & R. Lucas [pp. 75-103]