Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia Newsletter Volume 12 (1984)

Synopses of Papers Read at January 1984 Meeting

I. L. Lewitter, Peter the Great and the Modern World [pp. 3-4]
II. J. Black, Anglo-Russian Diplomatic Relations in the Eighteenth Century [pp. 4-9]
III. E. Rembowska, Aspects of the Polish Enlightenment Evident in Russian Culture during the Reign of Catherine II [pp. 9-11]
IV. Pia Pera, The Developmentof the Policy of "Edinoverie" in the Late Eighteenth Century [pp. 11-13]


A. G. Cross, The Bung College or British Monastery in Petrine Russia [pp. 14-24]
V. Antonov, Admiral Grieg's Tomb [pp. 25-34]
M. J. Okenfuss, Petr Tolstoi in Rome: The Hydraulics of Mystery and Delight [pp. 35-41] A. G. Cross, Merry's "Paulina" (1787) and "Мария и Граф М-в" (1810): The Missing Link [pp. 42-46]


М. А. Гордин & Я. А. Гордин, Tеатр Ивана Крылова (D. M. Pursglove) [pp. 47-50]
Ю. В. Стенник, Жанр трагедии в русской литературе. Эпоха классицизма (C. L. Drage) [pp. 51-53]
А. С. Курилов, К. В. Пигарев & В. И. Пуришев (ред.), Русский и западно-европейский классицизм. Проза (W. Gareth Jones) [pp. 54-59]
Словарь русского языка XVIII века. Вып. 1 (A-Безпристрастие) and Словарь русского языка XVIII века. Правила пользования словарем. Указатель источникам (W. Ryan) [pp. 60-64]