Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia Newsletter
(New Series)

SGECR Newsletter Cover

Volume 8 (2022-23) ISSN: 2054-5967

Synopses of Papers Read at the 64th Annual Meeting of the Study Group (2022)

Greg Afinogenov (Georgetown University), Counterrevolution as Humanitarian Intervention: Suvorov in Italy, 1799

Alex Averbuch (University of Toronto), Jewish Solicitory Poetry to Catherine II: Graphics, Ornamentation, Materiality

Rebecca Gigli (St Kliment-Okhridski University, Sofia), Eighteenth-Century Medicine, Health and the Memoirs of Prince I. M. Dolgorukov (1764-1823)

Ekaterina Heath (University of Sydney) and Jennifer Milam (University of Newcastle), The Science of Thrill: катальные горы during the reigns of Elizaveta Petrovna and Catherine II

Aleksei Kraikovskii (Higher School of Economics, St Petersburg), ‘Another Amsterdam’: The Modernisation of Marine Product Harvesting and the Maritimisation of Eighteenth-Century Russia

Matthew Romaniello (Weber State University), ‘Winter certainly must take the lead’: Challenging Climate Determinism at the Russian Academy of Sciences

Elena Teibenbacher (Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz), Maria Theresa and Catherine II: The Legitimacy of Female Rule in Representation and Retrospect within a Socio-cultural Context

Synopses of Papers Read at the 65th Annual Meeting of the Study Group (2023)

Rodolphe Baudin (Sorbonne Université), Translation as Politics: Translating Karamzin's 'Letters of a Russian Traveller' in Nineteenth-Century France

Mikhail Belan (University of Oxford), Raising Militias in the Provincial Towns of Northwest Russia in 1806-07 and 1812: Socio-Economic and Political Aspects and Consequences

Rosalind Polly Blakesley (University of Cambridge), Projecting Sovereignty across the Baltic Sea: Catherine II, Alexander Roslin and the Projected Power of the State Portrait

Riva Estifeeva (Université de Strasbourg) and Sara Dickinson (Università di Genova), Blood, Animals and Violence: Eighteenth-Century Russian Translations of Ossian's 'Duchommar and Morna'

Marianna Murav’eva (Helsinki University), Queering the Eighteenth Century: Can Gender and Sexuality change our Critical Perception of Early Modern Russia?

Manfred Schruba (Università degli Studi di Milano), Erotic Motifs in Eighteenth-Century Russian Prints

Alison Smith (University of Toronto), Serfdom and Empire, Annushka and her World