Russia in the Reign of Peter the Great: Old and New Perspectives: Proceedings of an International Workshop, held at the Villa Feltrinelli, Gargnano, Italy, 17-20 September 1997, edited by Anthony Cross (Cambridge: SGECR, 1998).

Volume One

List of Participants [v]

Preface [vii]

Aleksandr Kamenskii, The Systemic Crisis in Seventeenth-Century Russia and the Petrine Reforms [pp. 1-12]

Lindsey Hughes, Biographies of Peter [pp. 13-24]

Anthony Cross, Peter and Britain [pp. 25-40]

Anthony Lentin, Public Law and the Ideology of the "Reguliarnoe Gosudarstvo" [pp. 41-52]

Roger Bartlett, The Peasantry and Serfdom in the Time of Peter the Great: Recent Research [pp. 53-64]

Viktor Zhivov, Church Reforms in the Reign of Peter the Great [pp. 65-78]

Denis Shaw, Recent Studies of the Cartography and Geography of Peter the Great's Reign [pp. 79-88]

Volume Two

Carol B. Shaw, Evaluating Peter's Military Forces [pp. 89-104]

Michelle Marrese, Women and Westernisation in Petrine Russia [pp. 105-118]

Gary Marker, Publishing and Print Culture [pp. 119-132]

Nicoletta Marcialis, The Linguistic Situation in the Petrine Era [pp. 133-146]

Giovanna Brogi Bercoff, Literary Genres in Petrine Russia: State of the Art and Open Questions [pp. 147-160]

Sergei Androsov, Painting and Sculture in the Petrine Era [pp. 161-172]

Olga Dolskaia-Ackerley, Choral Music in the Petrine Era [pp. 173-186]

Lindsey Hughes, Afterword [pp. 187-190]