Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia Newsletter
(New Series)

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Volume 2 (2014) ISSN: 2054-5967

Synopses of Papers Read at the Annual Meetings of the Study Group

Robert Collis, 'Stars Rule over People, but God Rules over the Stars': The Astrological Worldview of Boris Ivanovich Kurakin (1676-1727) (2010)

Simon Franklin, Technologies of Power in Eighteenth-Century Russia: The Origins and Typology (not to mention Typography) of Printed Blank Forms (2013)

Julia Herzberg, A Cold Empire: Taming Frost in the Eighteenth Century (2014)

Joachim Klein, Derzhavin: Truth and Sincerity in Panegyric Poetry (2011)

Joachim Klein, Praising The Ruler: Panegyric Poetry and Russian Absolutism (2014)

Елена Марасинова, О негласном моратории на смертную казнь в России середины XVIII века (2014)

Tatjana Trautmann, Foreign Diplomats at the Court of Emperor Peter III (2014)

Simon Werrett, Science on Display in Eighteenth-Century Russia (2014)


Елизавета Дружинина, Путешествие князя Николая Борисовича Юсупова в Британию в 1776 году

Book Reviews

Nikolaï Karamzin en France: L'image de la France dans les Lettres d'un voyageur russe, publié sous la direction de Rodolphe Baudin. Paris, Institut d'études slaves, 2014 (W. Gareth Jones)